Bar Lacuniacha

At the entrance of the park is placed a small outdoor bar where you will rest once completed your visit or at the beginning of it. Picnicking is not allowed

We offer hot and cold sandwiches made on the spot, chips, snacks, hot and cold drinks, ice cream and coffee.

For schedule the visit, thinking of eating in the park, we offer a special price consisting of entry + menu.

Look at the reception of the park for more information.

Chiringuito Bar

Halfway through the route, we have a small bar with outdoor seating, and a small tent in case of being surprised by sudden rain. There is a picnic area.

It is an area where you can enjoy the natural environment, there are also racks for birds, place slightly away from the tables but close enough to see these small birds when they come to eat.

We offer hot (grilled) and cold sandwiches, made on the spot, chips, snacks, hot and cold drinks, ice cream and coffee. All this to make the most pleasant stop, recharge and then continue with the ride.



We are aware of how important it is to keep a nice souvenir of the visit to the park. Therefore, in addition to the unforgettable experience to know the wildlife that lives in the park so close and countless photographs that you can take during your journey though the forest, we offer you, along with the funny stuffed animals, a selection of gifts and souvenirs, that will be the delight of the little ones!

Take a nice souvenir of your visit to Lacuniacha and find the perfect gift for family and friends.