Bison bonasus

The European bison is an even-toed ungulate of the bovidae family and the largest herbivore in Europe. It has in the past come close to extinction as there were at one point ony 13 living in the wild. But as a result of the species recovery programmes, in which Lacuniacha collaborates, there are currently 2,700 in the wild. Through their feeding habits, they create clear areas in thick forests. They live in herds of between ten and thirty, which are dominated by a mature male. The young remain with the mother until they are up to three years of age.

Adult weight:  300 to 920 Kg.
Height: 150 to 200 cm.
Longevity: 22 years
Habitat: Forests
Diet: Herbivorous
Habits: Diurnal
Gestation: 260 to 270 days
Reproduction: Viviparous

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