The park

What is Lacuniacha?

Lacuniacha is a “bio-park” of 30 hectares where we can find a representation of both species of flora and fauna that lived or live sometime in the Pyrenees.

It is located in the Tena Valley, in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees in the small town of Piedrafita of Jaca.

All animals living in the park were born in captivity, come from recovery centers or have been rescued from places where they did not received the necessary care for their welfare.

Lacuniacha does not want to become a barrier to animals living freely around the park; for this reason, the fences that enclose the park grounds are prepared for the native fauna can enter and leave the park without problems. In that way, the visitors can enjoy squirrels, tops, birds and other animals living freely in the vicinity of the park.

During the course of 4km and a half mountain trail, visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk where you can observe about 120 individuals from 15 different species living in Lacuniacha.

Environment and flora

Lacuniacha is located in the ancient forest of “La Pinosa” a natural setting not influenced by human presence.

In the park we will find a botanical itinerary with the 21 most outstanding plant species in the area, also we can find information panels with the characteristics of the plants.

Low Lacuniacha: It represents a mixed forest, where we can see different plant species, some of which are protected as holly, box, wild pine, beech, oak, birch and others.

High Lacuniacha: It represents an ecosystem of subalpine meadow, where the great prairies, bushes and small high mountain flowers makes Lacuniacha and unrivaled setting.

These two ecosystems, along with the viewpoints that are strategically located to enjoy the amazing geology that characterizes the area, will make the ride an authentic nature classroom for children and adults.

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Biosphere Reserve Ordesa-Viñamala

Lacuniacha is part of the Biosphere Reserve Ordesa-Viñamala, only Biosphere Reserve in aragonese territory.

This biosphere reserve comprises the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park ( 18% nucleus zone) and the Viñamala Hunting Reserve. It consists of the Ordesa Valley, a canyon with vertical walls, being the result of successive glaciations during the Quaternary period, and the valley of the Arazas River, confluent with the Ara River, with a large number of waterfalls.

The vegetation is distributed in altitudinal layers ranging from Oak groves to mosses and lichens in the highest areas near the perpetual snows.

The fauna is interesting with species such as the chamois and the marmot which inhabit the alpine grasslands or the Pyrenean Desman that inhabits mountain streams and, among the birdlife, the rare lammergeyer or bearded vulture, the rock ptarmigan, or in the remotest forests, the western capercaillie, the white-backed woodpecker and the black woodpecker are noteworthy.


European bison recovery program

Lacuniacha is participating in the recovery program of the european bison, calves born in Lacuniacha will be returned to its natural environment in small populations of bison living in northern Europe.