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Sus Scrofa

The wild boar is a close relative of the domestic pig. It has short legs and a sturdy body that is covered with short, fine fur overlaid with long, coarse bristles. As an adult it is dark in colour, but when young it is brown, with three or four yellowish bands that run the length of the body. The male has very prominent fangs that protude from its mouth. It likes areas of well-vegetated scrubland and forest.

Interestingly, our wild boars have two areas, which they are able to use at differemt seasons of the year.

Adult weight:  40 to 120 Kg.
Height: 65 cm.
Longevity: 10 to 12 years
Habitat: Forests
Diet: Omnivorous
Habits: Nocturnal
Gestation: 15 weeks
Reproduction: Viviparous

Fauna of Lacuniacha

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